Case Studies

Below are a few of our many case studies. Feel free to contact us for more.

Manufacturer Realizes A 10.39X ROI On Paid Ad Spend With Grey Matter.

See how a B2B manufacturer was able to be a first-mover in their space, capturing more market share and positioning themselves as thought leaders in a competitive industry.

Promotional Product Manufacturer Sees 14.52X ROI With Grey Matter.

Learn how we combined our sales enablement services with content marketing for a B2B promotional products company.

Trade Show Manufacturer More Than Doubles High-Quality Traffic And Leads With Grey Matter.

A B2B trade show manufacturer needed help running harder at all top-of-funnel digital marketing efforts.

Medical Device Company Realizes A 3X Increase In Conversions Without Increasing Ad Spend.

See how a medical device company was able to more than triple their conversions without spending any additional paid advertising dollars.

B2B Real Estate CRM Company Receives 78 Sales Qualified Leads In 50 Days.

Read how a B2B Real Estate CRM company was able to quickly scale their outbound sales efforts via Grey Matter, achieving 78 sales qualified leads in 50 days.

Language Translation Services Achieves 66 Sales Qualified Leads in 60 Days.

See how a leading language translation services company was able to receive 66 sales qualified leads in 60 days through innovative demand generation by Grey Matter.

B2B Software Company Receives Over One Lead Per Day From Agile Acquisition.

Through a combination of both inbound marketing and outbound sales enablement, Grey Matter was able to provide this software startup with over one lead per day from our Agile Acquisition methodology.

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