4 Broken Commandments of Marketing

Marketing is often met with hostility and a lack of sincerity. That’s because a lot of waste happens in this department. When done effectively, marketing can have a profound impact on helping sales close more deals. However, if not approached strategically and not measured properly, you will, in fact, just waste your money. This is … Read more

How B2B Companies Can Better Align Their Sales and Marketing Efforts

One of the biggest challenges facing B2B companies is the problem of aligning both sales and marketing efforts to create a more integrated, customer-centric buyer’s journey. While many marketing and sales departments (should) have begun communicating with each other more, it’s still difficult to create a seamless relationship between both sales and marketing strategies. In … Read more

Tracking Marketing & Sales KPIs for Your Business

KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators, are metrics used to track the performance of a business, a department, or individuals against goals.  – HubSpot At its core, KPIs are used for businesses to measure how well they’re doing by looking at internal goals and statistics. Once you measure your performance, you can track how things improve … Read more


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