How About More Sales-Qualified Leads To Rip Through This Year's Quota?

Guess what happens when you hit and exceed quota? Your paycheck gets bigger. Our goal is to support sales leaders by broadening their team's efforts in hitting and exceeding their sales quota.

Give You and Your Team More Swings At The Plate.

We’re ex-sales professionals turned marketers. We’ve seen the value of great marketing (and what it can do to our paychecks) and we’ve seen what happens when you’re not supported by marketing (trust us, life’s not as fun).

So why not get marketing on board, fully focused on generating more sales-qualified leads so your team can do what they do best: close business.

There’s no doubt you’ve got your sales team motivated and focused on hitting quota. The good news? You and your team don’t have to do it alone.

At Grey Matter, we work with sales leadership to ensure we’re getting you and your sales team more swings at the plate.

We’ll be asking questions such as:

  • What is your team seeing and experiencing out there in the field?
  • What content can we create to help reduce friction in the buying journey?
  • What geographies, services, or other factors do we need to know about to target with high precision and drive more qualified leads?
  • What key accounts is your team trying to get in front of this year?
  • Where’s your competition and what do we need to do to grab more market share?

If that sounds good to you, read on.

A Trusted Partner of Sales Leaders.
Don’t just take our word for it.

“Working with Grey Matter has transformed the way we do business. We can now source and validate more leads, maintain client relationships appropriately, and maximize efficiency to close more deals! Under Grey Matter’s guidance, our company competes, outshines, and wins against some of the largest companies in our industry…Grey Matter is exactly what our business needed.”

Kate S. – Sales & Marketing Coordinator
National Promotional Products Manufacturer

“We met with Grey Matter when we were seeking an inbound marketing partner to deliver growth in new channels. After meeting with Grey Matter, it was clear to us that we were working with a company that understood our business, and had a clearly defined strategy to deliver a solution that would accelerate our growth.”

Mark S. – Director of New Business Development
Global Packaging & Print Manufacturer

Does Your Sales Team Like Qualified Leads?
You’ve Come To The Right Place.

108 New Deals & $8.5 Million in Revenue

A B2B manufacturer generated $8.5 Million in revenue and they invested $40,500 for the whole year with Grey Matter. We want you to be next.

228 Leads in 2.5 Months

We helped a B2B industrial company execute their first strategic paid campaign, resulting in 228 sales qualified leads in 2.5 months.

38% Increase Year over Year In Leads

While reducing the overall marketing budget by 45% for the year for a B2B manufacturing company. That’s called doing more with less.

14.52X Engagement ROI

A B2B promotional products manufacturing company realized a 14.52X ROI when we implemented our Agile Acquisition methodology to their business.

The Agency Of The Future Looks Like Us.

If you’re faced with any of the three headwinds below, it’s time for a conversation.

You’re Time Constrained

You need someone to help ‘run harder’ at marketing, demand generation, and customer acquisition initiatives.

You’re Budget Conscious

You want access to a full-time team at a fraction of the cost of one full time senior marketing role.

You Want Performance

If you’re spending money, you should see a return on that capital right? That’s part of our ROI guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Will You Work With Me, The Sales Leader?
  • Will I Have Visibility Into What You're Doing?
  • Do You Work With My Competitors?
  • Do You Have Experience In My Industry?
  • Talk To Me About Your ROI Guarantee

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We specialize in making those who partner with us look very smart, whether that’s to the board or your business colleagues. Speaking of that, smart growth shouldn’t cost $35,000/month. An engagement with us is on an ongoing monthly basis and can range from $3,900 to $7,900/month. Each engagement is custom to your needs. The good news? From strategy to ongoing execution, we’re there every step of the way.

We guarantee an ROI on our annual engagements.

If you’re interested in what you could expect each month, fill out the form below, share how we can help, check “send the sample,” and we’ll send you what our $7,900/month engagement looks like.


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