Why Your B2B Company Needs to Leverage Case Studies

Throughout your sales process, you spend a lot of time telling your prospects what your company can do. You talk about what’s possible for your buyer, how you can provide a solution to their pain points. You can demonstrate these things with content like how-to videos, blogs, and even demonstrations. But what it doesn’t provide … Read more

Content Topics That Help Your Sales Process

These are THE 5 content topics guaranteed to drive the most traffic, leads, and revenue Historically, sales has been viewed as a “need to have” activity, whereas marketing has been considered a “nice to have” activity. We don’t blame companies for not seeing the value in marketing, if it’s not connected to driving more sales … Read more

How to Build and Scale a (Meaningful) Content Strategy

By now, we’ve all heard the phrase, “content is king.” Content is what influences consumers and companies to make decisions on anything from where they buy their groceries to what company will provide their supply chain services. Content is a powerful component in any marketing strategy, and here’s why: 47% of buyers viewed 3-5 pieces … Read more

Benefits of Content Marketing For Businesses

If you find yourself intimidated by the concept of content marketing, you are not alone. More than 2 million blog posts are published every single day, and a new website is created every half a second. With all that noise, making your content stand out, driving traffic and increasing engagement is a colossal task. Companies are spending more money, … Read more


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