We Turn Your Dry Powder into
Rocket Fuel.

Private equity (PE) firms engage Grey Matter for a few reasons: to help improve brand awareness and deal flow and to drive efficiencies across the portfolio of companies while maximizing top-line growth.

Imagine creating that kind of advantage in the marketplace. Let’s make it real.

We Create
Customer Acquisition Machines.

You likely have superstar executives in your organization, with finance, IT, operations, and HR experts. But do you have a secret weapon focusing exclusively on sales and marketing? That’s where we come in.

Our PE partners have common interests when it comes to their investments:

  • Find areas of opportunity to reduce operating costs.
  • Find areas of opportunity to accelerate growth.

At Grey Matter, we can help you do both. Faster. Bring us in at a fraction of the cost of a marketing team, and immediately benefit from our deep customer acquisition expertise. In addition, you don’t have to worry about staying ahead of the digital marketing landscape because that’s what we do. 

Here are a few other areas where we help:

  • Sales and Marketing Audit: Are your existing tactics, spend, and technology delivering above-average results?
  • Sales and Marketing Competitor Analysis: Are you keeping up with the competition and getting your fair (or unfair) share of voice against the addressable market? 
  • Strategy Development: How can you leverage tools, technology, and talent to grow continually and dramatically?
  • Ongoing Sales and Marketing Execution: Do you have the team to put campaigns in market, measure results, pivot where needed, and move quickly to maximize market opportunities?

Grey Matter Delivers Results, Not Vanity Metrics.

108 New Deals and $8.5 Million in Revenue

A B2B manufacturer generated $8.5 million in revenue and invested only $40,500 with Grey Matter. We want you to be next.

From No Sales Qualified Leads to 46 in 45 Days

A B2B contract manufacturer struggled to drive a single lead through its new website. With our strategy and execution, we delivered 46 sales-qualified leads in 45 days.

10.39x ROI

A B2B manufacturer realized a 10.39x ROI by being a first mover in its space, leveraging digital and positioning itself as a thought leader in a highly competitive industry.

317% Increase in Lead Conversions

We helped a B2B medical device company more than triple its leads without spending additional paid advertising dollars.

Are Your Portfolio Companies’ Growth Plans Optimized For 2022?

Data says probably not. Get our free 10 point portfolio assessment today.

Let’s Talk

We specialize in creating an unfair advantage for our B2B clients. How? Brilliant strategy, comprehensive digital marketing expertise, and a staunch commitment to moving fast, learning continuously, and pivoting when needed. 

If this sounds like the strategic edge you’re looking for, let’s talk. You can share a bit about your situation, challenges, and aspirations, and we’ll take you through our innovative approach, customized solution, and a 30-60-90-day plan to have you up and running. Fast.

Our engagements average $9,900/month in fees and include all the digital marketing expertise you need to outsmart and outperform your competition — from strategic planning to compelling content creation to multichannel campaign execution. We’re here to help your company generate extraordinary opportunities and achieve exceptional results.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s turn your unfair advantage into an unstoppable force. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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