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Marketing Services
and Solutions

Unlock the potential of your business with Grey Matter’s innovative marketing services and solutions. From strategizing Intelligent Acquisition™ to crafting compelling content, our comprehensive approach ensures that you stay ahead in a competitive environment. Let us help you create value, build trust, and turn your unfair advantage into an unstoppable force.

Inbound Marketing Strategy and Execution

The key to Intelligent Acquisition™.

Our strategic approach begins with category and competitive context setting and a deep dive into the ideal customer. We then develop problem/solution messaging frameworks informed by audience needs and white-space opportunities to drive highly qualified inbound traffic and website engagement. This process is what we call Intelligent Acquisition.


Performance-Driven Website Development

Looks great. More (form) filling.​

To go from generating demand (driving qualified traffic to your website) to generating leads (converting qualified traffic into conversations with sales), the web experience must be extraordinarily helpful and easy.

For clients who need to improve this critical piece of the acquisition puzzle, we can quickly build a digital experience that looks great and works hard to convince your target audience that your offering solves their most pressing challenges and is better than any other options.

We use tools like HotJar, Crazy Egg, Optimizely, and others to collect data that helps maximize your website’s conversion funnel.



Copywriting and Content Creation

Create value. Build trust. Convert leads.

Effective B2B content that converts leads into customers begins with a deep understanding of your buyers and a helpful point of view. By addressing pain points and providing solutions, you can create real value, build trust, and establish your brand as a go-to resource and thought leader in the industry.


Pay-per-Click Advertising

Convert your customers at the right time and the right place.

PPC advertising is one of the easiest ways to target your clients directly online. However, it’s also a highly competitive environment, and without a proper strategy, you risk burning through your marketing budget with little to show for it.

Our PPC campaign management team combines a comprehensive strategy of ongoing optimization, regular testing, and campaign research, all to maximize a campaign’s performance and scale.


Email Newsletter Management

Maximize impact and influence.​

A newsletter is a cost-effective medium for building relationships and maintaining regular contact with customers and prospects.

We build automated email marketing campaigns and newsletters to raise awareness, highlight expertise, promote content, and stay in front of high-value customers (retention) and prospects (acquisition).


Search Engine Optimization

For expert SEO, your search is over.

Today’s SEO is about staying on top of algorithms, delivering content that the search engines want, and creating a frictionless digital environment to move prospects through the funnel. It’s about being found in all the right places and aligning experiences with expectations.

We stay in front of SEO strategies and best practices through ongoing research and a commitment to training. And our team thinks it’s really fun, too.


Post-Click Automation

Make the most of your clicks.​

Our post-click automation experts focus on maximizing your digital advertising dollars. We’ll create personalized post-click experiences for every audience in each campaign and continuously test and optimize for higher conversions.

By creating a cohesive journey from ad to post-click, you’ll see higher quality scores and conversions while lowering the cost per conversion.


Measurement and Reporting

The What, the So What, and the Now What.

To realize your unfair advantage, you need to stay ahead of the competition. Data (the What) is useless if you aren’t able to understand what it means (the So What) and what to do about it (the Now What). With a solid plan and ongoing commitment to measurement and analysis, we help clients gain a complete view of how campaigns are performing and how to make them even better.



Storming, swarming, warming.

Retargeting helps businesses capture web visitors who don’t immediately convert by targeting them on other websites and reinforcing a brand’s positioning through additional ad exposure.

Retargeting can be a hugely powerful tool for boosting the effectiveness of PPC campaigns and warming up those opportunities.

Let’s Talk.

We specialize in creating an unfair advantage for our B2B clients. How? Brilliant strategy, comprehensive digital marketing expertise, and a staunch commitment to moving fast, learning continuously, and pivoting when needed.

If this sounds like the strategic edge you’re looking for, let’s talk. You can share a bit about your situation, challenges, and aspirations, and we’ll take you through our innovative approach, customized solution, and a 30-60-90-day plan to have you up and running. Fast.

Industry Recognition

Grey Matter was recently recognized by Inc. as one of the most successful companies in America over a 3-year period. Only 5,000 companies make the Inc. 5000 list each year.

Grey Matter was also named the 4th fastest-growing business in the Greater Cincinnati area over a 2-year period across all business size categories by the Cincinnati Business Courier.

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