Do Your Ideal Customers Think You’re Ideal?

We transform how professional services companies acquire customers in the age of the modern buyer.

Grey Matter gives you the strategic thinking of a consultancy, the rapid speed of a start-up, the DNA of a digital marketing and sales agency, and the powerful analytical skills of a data science firm.

We call this Intelligent Acquisition™. 

Being Memorable Matters.

Differentiating your offering is difficult in most fields. It’s especially true in professional services, where it’s often hard to distinguish between firms based on their services. 

Professional services providers like yourself aren’t simply selling a thing with unique features or functions; you’re selling your competency. That’s why the core challenge of professional services marketing is often to communicate the intangible qualities of expertise and experience. 

Successfully communicating these qualities requires open dialog and engagement. What your clients want to know is what it will be like to work with you. At Grey Matter, we developed omnichannel strategies to help you tell that story.

Trusted by Hundreds of B2B Companies and Counting. Don’t just take our word for it.

“From the first phone call, you can tell Grey Matter knows exactly what they are doing. From helping us define and map our strategy to the ongoing execution, this company does not mess around. I’d highly recommend them to anyone looking to grow.”

Alyssa J. – Marketing Director
Financial Services Company

“Part scientists, part creatives. It’s amazing how many agencies don’t invest in learning ‘how people actually buy’. When you work with a team so invested in that understanding, and they make it their foundational principle, it’s no surprise they can deliver results they do and guarantee an ROI.”

Todd U. – CEO
Staffing and Recruiting Company

Grey Matter Delivers Results, Not Vanity Metrics.

228 Leads in 2.5 Months

We helped a B2B industrial company execute its first strategic paid campaign, resulting in 228 sales-qualified leads in less than three months.

14.52x ROI

A B2B promotional products manufacturer realized a 14.52x ROI after we combined our sales-enablement services with content marketing.

78x ROI (Yes, 78x)

We helped a B2B CRM implementation and consulting company realize a 78x ROI during our engagement.

66 Sales-Qualified Leads in 60 Days

A B2B language translation services company received 66 sales-qualified leads in 60 days via our LinkedIn demand-generation campaign.

There’s No Mystery to Good Marketing. We Drive Results by Giving You an Unfair Advantage.

We use a unifying, proprietary framework for B2B revenue growth.

Our unique customer acquisition strategy drives results for our clients in any market.  This strategy is based on a framework and methodology that align marketing and sales to support scalable, repeatable, and predictable revenue growth for your organization.

We use a combination of marketing and sales channels simultaneously to attack your market from every angle. Then we continually reassess your results and shift our efforts to what’s working so you achieve results you’ve never seen before.

Whether a seasoned manufacturing executive or a trendy twenty-something, your ideal customer likely uses multiple devices daily and a mix of work, personal, and play across several online mediums.

Success then requires continually moving your acquisition strategy and budget to where your customers are. By changing tactics to concentrate on where the best results are, you’ll achieve a continuous flow of wins for building momentum. It’s an innovative, aggressive, and incredibly successful approach.

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We specialize in creating an unfair advantage for our B2B clients. How? Brilliant strategy, comprehensive digital marketing expertise, and a staunch commitment to moving fast, learning continuously, and pivoting when needed. 

If this sounds like the strategic edge you’re looking for, let’s talk. You can share a bit about your situation, challenges, and aspirations, and we’ll take you through our innovative approach, customized solution, and a 30-60-90-day plan to have you up and running. Fast.

Our engagements average $9,900/month in fees and include all the digital marketing expertise you need to outsmart and outperform your competition — from strategic planning to compelling content creation to multichannel campaign execution. We’re here to help your company generate extraordinary opportunities and achieve exceptional results.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s turn your unfair advantage into an unstoppable force. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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