Using Social Media Within Your B2B Sales Process

Social media is everywhere in today’s world and every company is using social media platforms for advertising. Whether it’s building a brand following on their own pages or running paid ads, every ecommerce and B2C company is using it. But as a B2B, how should you be utilizing social media’s ad platforms?

All Your Customers are on Social Media

We all have at least one, if not all, social media account. Whether it’s YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram, there are 3.2 billion daily social media users (about 42% of the global population). This provides an enormous audience by which your company can be seen.

Making sure your company has a brand page on each of the main platforms can be instrumental in your brand visibility. Daily posts ensure your brand stays top of mind for customers and potential clients.

Social Media is a Conversation Platform

While social media has an enormous audience, just being there isn’t enough. Making sure you’re creating and facilitating conversation, not just making ads and broadcasting information, is integral to your success on social media.

The conversation is also between users. 54% of social browsers use social media to perform research on products. This means they are looking at your brand pages, asking other customers their thoughts, and asking their peers for recommendations before making a decision.

Making sure you’re posting useful product and company information and data, as well as facilitating conversation on your posts and accumulating reviews, will help consumers understand your brand and products better.

Don’t Be an Interruption

One of the biggest rules in inbound marketing is to meet the customer on their terms. You don’t want your ad or sales pitch become a disruption in what they are trying to accomplish.

An example of a disruptive ad would be a commercial while someone is trying to watch a video or a sales call in the middle of their day. Becoming part of your prospects’ timeline and gaining their interest will help the sales process feel more natural.

Social media is an important staple in modern marketing strategy. Making sure your company utilizes it correctly and takes advantage of all its offerings could result in a great payoff for your B2B.

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