Using Landing Pages to Boost Your Conversion Rate: Part 2

Last week, we talked about landing pages and their importance for your business. Today, we are going to talk about our favorite tool out there to build them.

What it is:

We understand the importance of landing pages, but how do we build them, and more importantly, make them look great and work perfectly? Enter Instapage; the landing page building tool that allows you to build custom landing pages in minutes, without coding.

Instapage is a web tool that offers templates, drag-and-drop widgets, and completely customizable landing pages that seamlessly integrate with your CRM, email manager, etc.

We created this landing page for our own website in under 5 minutes.

Who it’s for:

If you need a landing page (and you do) but you have no coding skills, Instapage is for you. It takes the guessing work and development knowledge out of creating a beautiful, completely custom, and versatile landing page.

In minutes, you can create a fully branded page for your website and all you have to do is drag and drop.

How it works:

To build a landing page, you can start with a template or from scratch. There are drag-and-drop widgets, like forms, images, social icons, etc., that you can add to your page anywhere, any size, color, or font to make it fully branded. Add things like background images, logos, testimonials, and even videos.

Once you complete your page, you can share it with other team members for review and they can leave comments and changes for you to view. When your team has completed the tasks, they can check them off.

When you are ready to publish your landing page, you get the option to post it on a variety of platforms, including your own website.

Once your landing page is published, Instapage integrates with your CRM to capture leads so you can follow up with them. It also integrates with Google Ads, Google Analytics, and the rest of your marketing stack.

How we’re using it:

We have landing pages built with Instapage all over our website. We use it to capture leads when people download our content and when they want to get in touch with us. Their information goes directly into our HubSpot as a new lead and we have detailed statistics in our Google Analytics about the leads.

Want to start building the best landing pages on the internet? Check out Instapage here or contact us to get started.

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