4 Strategies to Improve Your Marketing That Don’t Include PPC

Pay-per-click advertising is a very reliable way to drive traffic to your website. But it’s not the silver bullet. Here are a few other ways you can supplement your PPC campaigns to improve your marketing outcomes.

1. Write pain-point content

There’s only one thing your buyer cares about: solving their problems. When it comes to winning them over, the more you can educate them about why their problems exist and how they can navigate around them, the better off you’ll be.

A lot of folks struggle to develop the right topics when it comes to writing content. An easy starting point? Ask your sales team what questions they’re always answering. Ask them what information would help them sell more effectively.

Focusing on the buyer pain points, instead of your products, is the fastest way to establish trust with them.

2. Use video instead of text

(Yes, we realize the ironic hypocrisy, here)

72% of buyer would rather watch a video about a product or service, than read text about it. Video is a more approachable way to convey information because it mimics a real conversation more closely than reading.

Up until recently, creating videos for your company was a very expensive and time-consuming activity. However, today, it’s very easy and affordable to record and post videos for your buyers. Most smartphones, for instance, have a camera good enough to record a quick explanation around a frequently asked question.

Ultimately, when it comes to blogging, your company may find it easier to create a video-blog by simply recording yourselves answering questions, demonstrating how your offerings help customers, and introducing yourselves.

The blank page is an intimidating thing. So, move past the page and just hit record on your camera to capture your thoughts, instead.

3. Write your emails differently

A common opportunity we see with email is a fundamental shift in the purpose of the content: asking for something vs sharing insights.

Many email campaigns we see not work out have to do with the fact that the writer is asking the reader to do something for them, such as ‘schedule a meeting with us.’ The reality is that people typically haven’t provided a good reason for the reader to want to do that.

The opportunity is to shift your perspective to provide the reader (aka your buyer) with insights that help them. Give first, take later.

Email is still one of the most important and efficient marketing channels around, despite the high amount of spam that goes out. By shifting your perspective to helping the reader, your contact list becomes a lot more valuable to your company.

4. Convert your website traffic

For every $92 that is spent on lead generation, only $1 is spent converting those leads into customers. We spend a lot of time building great websites and filling it with content – but what’s it all for? One thing we often forget to do is actually convert our website visitors into prospects for our business.

When a person heads to your website, they’re after one thing: information. They’re trying to determine if you’re capable of helping them solve their problem. The more information you have about their pain points and why they exist, the more trust you’ll be able to establish with them prior to ever speaking with them.

Marketing is a process, not a finite activity. It’s important to visualize the entire buyer’s journey so that you know what to do with the leads when they come in. We go into more detail about the modern buyer’s journey in this free guide.

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