What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Smarter, Not Harder

Gone are the days of hand-typing each email, each personal message, posting each social media engagement. In the current state of marketing, you need to move as fast as the world does to stay ahead, or at least caught up. As your business grows, so should your marketing techniques.

Enter marketing automation; the idea of using software to automate all of your daily marketing activities.

The Ideal

Most companies put all of their efforts and money into software that nurtures leads. They focus on the idea that marketing automation can be – and solely should be – used for slowdowns or bottlenecks in growth.

While this is useful, it means there is no work going into collecting new leads, ultimately leaving your funnel empty. Making sure your marketing tools nurture all levels of the funnel will lead to the greatest success with marketing automation.

What all can marketing automation do?

There are hundreds of marketing automation tools available. Choosing the right one(s) for your business come down to what you need to automate, where in the marketing funnel you need help.

  • Creating awareness: tools can help you reach out to prospects by focusing on your target market and making the initial connection for you
  • Maintaining a social presence: tools like Hootsuite and Buffer help businesses maintain their social calendar by posting across social channels, making the posts look human and not robotic
  • Nurturing leads: taking advantage of tools that enable marketing sequences can help you follow up with unresponsive leads or ones who are dragging their feet by sending well-timed, personalized emails
  • Maintain clients: CRM tools can help businesses gather data on current customers to better their marketing efforts and maintain a strong client base

What does marketing automation mean for the customer journey?

The marketing funnel, shown below, is the general path a prospect takes to becoming a customer.

Using marketing automation means this path will be more customized for each person, creating a better sense of trust and willingness to trust. You can create tailored interactions at every touchpoint with customer data you’ve collected, making for a seamless customer journey for each and every person.

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