Grey Matter or Full Time Employee?

Every business, large or small, needs a marketing team to build brand awareness and work with the sales team to get conversions. But having a full-time employee, or multiple, may not be the most cost effective way to tackle your sales and marketing needs.

Are you stuck in the decision between hiring another full-time employee or working with an agency? While sometimes, another employee is the best route to take, an agency can help businesses realize growth a single employee could not provide, for a fraction of the cost.

Grey Matter is an inbound marketing agency focused on helping our clients grow. We offer all the expertise and work of a full time team for half the cost of a single employee.

Here’s what we can do for you:

At Grey Matter, we pride ourselves on having the best marketing experts to execute every marketing effort your business needs to grow. With an agency, you get to take advantage of a whole team’s strengths instead of a single person. And, we’re all already thoroughly trained; no more worrying about hiring and training new employees.

We’re the experts so you don’t have to be.

With Grey Matter, you get access to all of these great tools:

The Cost

The average annual salary of a full-time assistant marketing manager is around $82,000, not including the additional cost to employers for benefits, averaging around $23,500. This totals around $105,500/year just for a SINGLE full-time employee.

For a marketing manager, that cost increases to an average of $116,500/year.

The cost of a whole team of marketers with Grey Matter starts at just $4,900/month, that comes out to $58,800/year. That’s almost HALF the cost of one full-time employee for an entire team of experts.

In Conclusion

We’ve seen time and again how our services save companies time and money while also providing them with the expertise and work a single employee could never deliver.

Want to see what we could do for you? Check out our infographic and reach out to us today to build a custom plan for your business to start growing.

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Industry Recognition

Grey Matter was recently recognized by Inc. as one of the most successful companies in America over a 3-year period. Only 5,000 companies make the Inc. 5000 list each year.

Grey Matter was also named the 4th fastest-growing business in the Greater Cincinnati area over a 2-year period across all business size categories by the Cincinnati Business Courier.

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