What is Automated Lead Nurturing?

So you’re doing a fantastic job of attracting visitors to your company’s website and then converting those visitors into leads via calls-to-action and landing pages. But what do you do next? Manually building, sending, and tracking additional follow up emails to nurture your leads toward closed business is way too time-consuming. That’s where automated lead nurturing comes in.

Automated lead nurturing is the process of sending a series of automated emails that will trigger based on a person’s behaviors or a preset time interval. This means you can provide the right information, to the right prospects, at the right time, and all without lifting a finger. There are four key outputs that occur from implementing an automated lead nurturing strategy.

Sending The Right Message, At The Right Time.

Effective marketing is all about the right context, and automated lead nurturing makes is easy to be timely and relevant.

You’re Reducing Time and Resources.

Automating the most common and repetitive sales and marketing tasks frees your team to focus on more important projects.​

You Can Build Relationships Naturally. 

The strongest relationships are built slowly over time by providing real value, the way automated lead nurturing campaigns were designed.

Integrate With Existing Databases.

Syncing with your existing database and tools means campaigns can be seamlessly folded into your current sales and marketing workflow.

There are multiple tools and solutions to help you implement an automated lead nurturing strategy. Price ranges will vary and in reality, many of them accomplish the same tasks at the end of the day.

What’s more important to us at Grey Matter is:

1) You’re implementing a lead nurturing strategy. The first step is understanding how valuable this can be to you and your organization.

2) The messaging that goes into those follow-up emails. A lot of our hours are spent focusing on the content, timing, and nurturing strategy to help our clients convert at the highest level they can once an lead nurturing campaign is implemented.

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Industry Recognition

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