3 Skills That Make a Successful SEO Content Writer

If you’re an SEO content writer, there are a few key skills you need to develop to rise above the pack and write amazing, search-optimized content. In this blog from Grey Matter, we’ll take a look at the top 3 skills that make a successful SEO content writer.

1. Strong & Diverse Writing Skills

First and foremost, SEO writers need to be able to write clearly, concisely, and in an approachable manner – across a wide variety of different topics and for many different companies.

A great SEO writer can quickly and easily switch their tone when writing for different clients and companies, and when writing different types of content. This versatility is essential for success in the world of SEO content.

2. Understanding Search Intention

When writing for SEO, it’s important not just to understand search terms, but also search intention. There are four basic types of search intention:

  • Informative, which is when people want to learn more about a particular subject
  • Navigation, when people want to visit a particular website or web page
  • Transactional, when people want to make a purchase
  • Commercial investigation, when people do research on a product they’d like to buy

A great SEO writer understands these search intentions – and can write SEO-optimized content accordingly.

3. Choose Quality Over Keywords

Finally, great SEO writers know that writing an informative and useful piece of content is more important than stuffing the content full of keywords. Content quality should always come first.

Yes, keywords are important – but low-quality content that’s jam-packed with awkward keywords is more likely to turn customers away than it is to convert them. First and foremost, SEO content must be useful, original, and relevant to the original query.

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