3 Ways to Improve Your Investment in Sales Training

How ready is your sales team to absorb the value of sales training?

Buyer beware, before you invest time and money into “rallying the troops” for 2021, you’ll want to consider the full strategic approach to determine if training is your first step.

Demand for sales training and sales coaching is high: There are tens of thousands of searches online each month. (SEM Rush)

Yet, Only 17% of companies report that their sales training is effective. (Marketo)

Why is satisfaction so low?

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Sales training often ignores the 3 critical pillars of success that high performers follow:

(1.) Problem-solving communication, not product-centric:

No matter how many tips and tricks you pick up from a sales training seminar, if you’re not speaking about solving your buyers’ problems, you’re going to have a tough time closing.

86% buyers see no difference amongst suppliers. Differentiate yourself as a trusted advisor that helps solve your buyers’ problems so that you’re not seen as just another vendor.

(2.) Treat sales as a process, not a single activity:

One single event featuring some tips and tricks will not improve your sales figures. Improving your behavior is an outcome that requires consistent analysis and practice.

All training and learning requires two key aspects: an easy way to implement your learnings, and a way to consistently practice what you’re learning.

(3.) Build assets to fuel the fragmented sales process of today, not the linear one of yesterday:

The internet provides your buyers with an incredible resource of information to solve their problems. This is where the buying journey starts and where your buyers will spend the majority of their time.

Considering your buyers are less accessible today, with a preference to educate themselves through content and not by talking with your sales reps, it’s essential that marketing and sales work together to meet your buyers on their terms.

Where does sales training miss the mark with today’s selling environment? Watch below.

Here are 5 priorities to address before investing in sales training

To determine the extent to which marketing would directly support your sales efforts, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are you losing deals because you cost too much?
  2. Is performance inconsistent across sales reps?
  3. Is your sales process unpredictable and too long?
  4. Do you receive enough qualified leads?
  5. Is your website generating revenue for your business?

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