Why vs. What: Differentiating You From Your Competition

Pain Points Vs. Products

Which are you selling?

It may seem like an insignificant difference, but the best sales teams don’t actually aim to “sell products” but rather solve problems.

Which sounds more appealing to you?

– “Buy my product!”

– “Dealing with a headache? This is what’s causing that pain…”

Why vs. What

One of the biggest opportunities we’ve observed is to evolve a company’s message. Encouraging them to focus on their “why,” the end result, and not the “what,” their process.

Many companies default to explaining their products and how they work. But many prospective customers are less concerned about what you offer, and more concerned about how you can solve their problems. People want to know the end results, not how it gets there.

What you offer is a commodity. Many of your competitors sell the same product as you,

why they should buy from you is your differentiator. This connects their problems to your solution.

Your why is the outcome your product or service provides: what is your prospective customer trying to accomplish?

For Example – it’s tax season

You see a lot of different companies advertising their tax filing services. This is what they offer, the end result of each customer having their taxes filed by a professional. Thus, solving the headache of having to file taxes by yourself.

They’ll collect your paperwork, enter your info in the IRS system, and submit your documents. (But so can a lot of other companies, and even you, for that matter.) WHAT these companies offer is not unique.

Their why, the real point of difference, is to assist clients with all the nuances that occur during the filing process.

A compelling pitch might be, “Filing your taxes can be confusing and time consuming. We’ll make it easier for you to get the best return this tax season, and make sure everything was calculated correctly to avoid any late fees or an audit.”

Pain Points Vs. Products – which are you selling?

Clarifying your why and your what will set you apart from your competition. When a customer is shopping, they’re looking to solve a problem, not just to buy something. First, make it clear that you can help them solve their problem. Because then they’ll understand why they need to buy your product.

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