Three Keywords to Seal the Deal

You do your best to convince a prospect that your products or services are better than the competition. You put yourself in their shoes and present them with the best solutions for their needs. But, no matter how interested they seem during the presentation, you never know what they’ll do when it’s time to close the deal.

Getting a “yes” or a “no” depends on more than just the quality of your products or your attitude. More often than not, what you say can make or break the deal.

Here are a few key phrases that can help you maximize the impact of your message and get more sales:


Most of us are constantly searching for solutions to our problems, and when we find something that promises to “fix” our issues, we’re immediately hooked.

Forget about flashy ads, exclusive offers or huge sales. What matters most is showing your prospects that you understand their pain points and can satisfy their needs. Prove to them that you have a fix for their problems and you can earn their trust.


Think about the qualities of your products or services and showcase them in a way people will understand just how much of a difference it will make in their lives by putting it in context.

For example, let’s imagine you’re trying to sell massage therapy services. Saying something like, “Avoid back pain by trying out one of our massage sessions,” could pique the interest of your customer. You’re essentially putting on the table a widespread issue people are confronted with and telling them they can avoid it. You’re giving an answer to a problem, for some, and a measure of prevention, for others.


Let’s be honest: we all tend to react when we hear the word “free.” Just think about the numerous times you’ve downloaded a free e-book without really needing it, or snacked on free samples without actually being hungry – people just can’t seem to pass up a sales deal.

It’s a natural instinct, so why not try to use it to your advantage? Think of ways you can incorporate this keyword into your sales pitch. For example, you could let prospects know that they will get something “free” if they make a purchase.

At the end of the day, as a salesperson, you should understand that your customer is a regular person just like you. Remember, we’re all part of the same species and function similarly, so don’t ignore your instincts when you’re doing your job.

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