Blend Best Practices & Next Practices

At Grey Matter, we hear and read a lot about marketing best practices, whether that is via a blog post like our own or one of the many marketing conventions we attend.

While we completely agree that every marketing organization should be incorporating best practices for their clients, and we agree with the definition of a best practice as, “a method or technique that has been generally accepted as superior to any alternatives because it produces results that are superior to those achieved by other means or because it has become a standard way of doing things,” we believe that organizations need to be focusing on next practices.

We feel there’s incredible value to be unlocked in blending best practices with next practices. Working to stay on the bleeding edge of marketing technology and tactics will help drive business growth for our clients.

How do we know what’s effective before we recommend and implement a tool or tactic for our clients? Beyond keeping our ear to the ground and researching everything we come across, we test everything on our ourselves. We measure the effectiveness, learn from them, and decide where they will fit for our clients. Some tools and marketing approaches are much more effective for some businesses than others, but that’s why we are here, to pave a clear path for growth specific to your organization.

Best practices should be the baseline. Look for next practices for your business to gain the competitive edge.

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Industry Recognition

Grey Matter was recently recognized by Inc. as one of the most successful companies in America over a 3-year period. Only 5,000 companies make the Inc. 5000 list each year.

Grey Matter was also named the 4th fastest-growing business in the Greater Cincinnati area over a 2-year period across all business size categories by the Cincinnati Business Courier.

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