3 Ways AI Will Impact Marketing

It is an exciting time to be passionate about technology and the pace it’s evolving at. Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, algorithms, and more continue to truly transform industries. If we look at current trends where AI is leveraged (healthcarefinance, and more), we can’t help but ask; how will AI impact marketing? Here are 3 areas where we think AI can unlock value for marketers:

1. Proactive Insights and Analytics

Not only will you be able to ask your favorite marketing tools questions like a real human, but they will tap you on the shoulder with proactive recommendations. The days of waiting a week for a report are almost over. What may have taken 3 analysts will now require only a few mouse clicks. Start to look at how faster analytics could help you and talk to your teams about the potential data requirements as fuel for the machines to crunch while you sleep.

2. Conversational Lead Generation

We see the opportunity to leverage AI across the entire user experience, especially as “conversational commerce” continues to pick up steam. Over time, natural language processing will allow chatbots to feel “human” and we will have a hard time guessing if it was a person or machine who asked us if we wanted to schedule 30 minutes for a free consultation. We see a future that has not only has bots for sales and customer inquiries but, AI will be able to add value-add to all points of the customer journey and product experience. AI integration will become a huge element of competition and differentiation in all fields.

3. Recommendations & Content Curation

Predictive analytics allows Netflix to surface and finesse recommendations. This kind of clustering algorithm is continually improving suggestions, allowing users to make the most of their subscription. Imagine when curating and creating content (blogs, ebooks, checklists, buyers guides, and more) becomes much more efficient with AI. Software will come along that will allow individuals to input a blog topic, some keywords, maybe the preferred post length and AI will provide the user a 90-95% completed blog post. Uniting information from diverse datasets is a common use of AI.

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