Why Your B2B Company Must be Thinking About Conversion Rate Optimization

You are working tirelessly to grow your customer base and take your business to the next level. Your social media marketing is on-point, the content you create is focused on adding value to your prospects’ lives, and your emails are generating more clicks than ever before.

There’s just one problem: although you seem to be doing everything right, your visitors aren’t converting. Why does your website fail to generate leads and see consistent results from your efforts? The answer may be that you are neglecting your website’s conversion rate optimization (CRO.)

Here’s why B2B business should start focusing more on CRO if they want to turn visitors into leads.

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization and Why Should You Care

Conversion rate optimization is the process of fine-tuning your website to increase the chances that your visitors will complete a specific action, such as subscribing to your newsletter, downloading an eBook or purchasing your products. It represents a huge opportunity that many business owners leave untapped, unaware that a few simple tweaks can make a world of difference to their conversion rate.

Is CRO Right for My Business?

Most likely, the demand for your products and services is finite, so you need to make the most of the website traffic that your inbound marketing strategy drives.

That’s where conversion rate optimization can come in handy.

Try to think about it this way. If you drive 10,000 visitors per month and manage to generate 100 leads of which ten convert into customers, then it means that your conversion rate is 1%. Now, if you would like to increase the rate at 2%, then you would have to drive 20,000 visits per month and hope that the number of leads will double as well.

That’s not a sustainable long-term strategy, as solely focusing on driving more traffic won’t fix the problem. Conversion rate optimization, on the other hand, allows you to identify the areas that can drive more revenue for your business.

Voice.com, for example, a leading marketplace for voice-over artists, managed to increase its conversion rate by 400% when they implemented CRO tactics.

The Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization

Not only that CRO can generate more leads and sales with the same amount of traffic, but it can also maximize your return on investment (ROI.) And, the great thing about this practice is that you don’t have to go to extreme lengths to see significant results. For example, tests have shown that the simple act of changing the color or the wording of the CTA button can increase conversion rate by 200%.

Not only that, but CRO can also help B2B companies find the best ways to keep visitors engaged and curious. In a world as connected as ours, user behavior changes continuously, forcing businesses to keep pace and adapt their strategies. Ongoing testing and analysis can show companies how to make their websites competitive.

In conclusion…

More often than not, B2B companies focus their efforts on heavy branding rather than conversion. However, a shift in approach can provide better, long-term results. But continually monitoring, analyzing, and reviewing your website you can discover valuable insights that will allow you to serve your users better. As such, your engagement and, consequently conversion will also grow.

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