Want to Increase Your Close Rate? Look at Your Proposal Process

When we think about increasing our close rates, we often look at new sales techniques, advanced software, or strategies that can help us sell more effectively.

But very few of us explore the backend of the process. However, the proposal process is absolutely essential for a quick sale. Negotiations and proposals that drag out too long have a serious negative impact on close rates – so it’s in your best interest to use tools that allow you to streamline the process.

Here are just a few of our favorite tools that you can use to create a better, more consistent proposal process. Take a look now, and see how you can increase sales.

Adobe Sign

When you get a verbal confirmation from a challenging, high-value prospect that they will buy your product, you feel a great sense of accomplishment – but nothing counts until the client “signs on the dotted line.”

Contract management services such as Adobe Sign can be used to facilitate binding agreements between businesses and new customers. Previously known as EchoSign and eSign, this is part of the Adobe Document Cloud service.

As the preferred e-signature solution for Microsoft, you can trust Adobe Sign to work for you. You can create, manage, and sign contracts, forms, and agreements – from any device at any time.


Apptus provides sales teams with a comprehensive suite of Quote-To-Cash (QTC) solutions. From the creation of proposals to the approval of contracts, Apptus can help you speed up the deal cycle, and maximize value through cross-selling and upselling recommendations.

Highly configurable, Apptus may be used for different parts of your sales operations – from loyalty programs to e-commerce, contracts, billing, and even order management.


Concord is free and easy-to-use. This cloud-based contract management service is light on features, but is very simple, and can help both individuals and larger companies create, outline, negotiate, manage, and sign contracts. You get free cloud-based contract uploading and a reasonable suite of collaboration and document management features.


DocuSign is one of the best-in-class solutions for contract management. With powerful back and forth collaboration support, this service is easy to use even during extensive contract negotiations.

It integrates well with most CRMs and ERP solutions, and has a dominant market share in this niche – even high than Adobe Sign. With strong support for contract modifications and robust signatory support, DocuSign is used by hundreds of top companies.

Dropbox Sign

Dropbox Sign is built for the cloud. You can easily upload your paperwork with a simple and easy-to-use UI, and Dropbox Sign can be customized and integrated into your CRM, email client, and many other pieces of business software.

By aiding you in bypassing scanners, printers and pens, you can reduce the time it takes to negotiate and sign contracts by as much as 90%.


GetAccept integrates e-signing, automated e-mail follow-ups, and document tracking/collaboration into a holistic platform.

It’s designed similarly to top marketing automation tools and provides a top-down view of your in-progress deals, easily viewable from your dashboard. You can get an “at-a-glance” view of all the deals in progress, and see the next steps you need to take in order to accelerate the process.

As you can see, there are a plethora of solutions out there to help you accelerate your deal velocity and increase your close rate. There’s no excuse to be sending over multiple PDFs this day and age!

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