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5 Parts to USE and 5 Parts to LOSE
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86% of today’s B2B customer sees no difference between one supplier over another, driving increased commoditization.


Businesses today face more competition than ever: Five years ago, the typical business had just 2.6 competitors. Today that number has almost quadrupled, to 9.7

-The Hustle

If selecting your company over the competition is not a clear decision for your buyers, you will lose the deal.

Your prospects care more about solving their problem than buying your product. So when you talk about your product instead of their problems, you lose their attention.

A problem-centric message positions you as the best possible decision for your buyers.

Part to USE

Lead Generation

Part to LOSE

Lead Generation

40%+ media advertising spend is wasted on ineffective strategies.

-Commerce Signals

Only 27% of leads sent from marketing to sales will be qualified.


The old ‘spray & pray’ advertising approach will not allow you to grow like it once did.

Traditional media is interruptive and product-focused. Buyers today want to learn about their problems rather than your products, and they want to do it on their terms, not yours.

Taking an inbound, multi-channel approach means you’re there when your buyers want to learn about you, and not interrupting them when they’re doing something else.

Part to USE

Use Content To Educate Prospects

Part to LOSE

Rely on Meetings to Educate Prospects

75% of B2B customers prefer remote sales interactions over traditional face-to-face ones.

-McKinsey & Company

78% of customers buy from the 1st responder.


Waiting longer than 5 minutes to respond to a lead results in an 80% decrease in lead qualification.


When a potential customer is vetting your company/product/service before they contact you, they need to be able to see anything they want, and answer any question they have, online.

Buyers don’t want to postpone their education while they wait to schedule a meeting with you. When they’re searching online they’re looking for answers in that moment.

If you view your site as a product catalogue instead of a learning center to educate buyers about their questions, problems, frustrations, and hesitations, your sales team will be losing valuable opportunities.

Part to USE

Strategic Advisors Eliminate the Competition

Part to LOSE

Product-Pushers Lose on Price

A company should never lose a deal because
they ‘cost too much.

-Zach Murphy,
Sales Enablement Strategist, Grey Matter

When a buyer says NO because you ‘cost too much,’ this indicates you have not shown them the impact your products / services have on their problems.

If your sales reps are trained to just present your product, price is the only factor your buyers can evaluate their decision.

If your sales reps are trained to focus on problem explanation, this will show your buyers how your product solves their problem.

We change when the pain of staying the same becomes
greater than the pain of change.

Dr. Henry Cloud

Part to USE

Watch Business
Metrics to Iterate

Part to LOSE

Watch Vanity
Metrics That Don’t Produce

The value of your digital sales & marketing
efforts should be unmistakably clear.
There should be no ambiguity in the value of your
investment in your sales & marketing process

-Zach Strauss,
Founder & CEO, Grey Matter

Many ad agencies will solely focus on leading indicators, such as ad campaign performance, email open rates, website traffic, etc.

Very few hold themselves accountable to the lagging indicators, such as qualified sales conversations, new proposals issues, new business closed, etc.

By comparing both sets of indicators you can see what aspects of your approach needs to be adjusted to drive continuous improvement.

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In 2002

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