5 Simple ‘Technical’ SEO Tips

5 Ways To Optimize Your Site For Technical SEO Requirements

Technical SEO refers to the steps you take to improve the “foundation” of your website – creating a strong website architecture that allows search engines like Google to easily crawl, index, and categorize the content on your website. Wondering how to optimize for technical SEO? You’re in the right place. Let’s look at a few strategies and tips now.

1. Choose HTTP Or www As Your Domain – Not Both!

During website setup, you should choose between the HTTP and www prefixes for your website.

While bots can redirect either HTTP or www prefixes to your website, this can cause content duplication issues, which may negatively affect your SEO rankings.

So when the website is being developed, choose between www and HTTP – it doesn’t matter which one you choose, just stick with it!

2. Adjust The Robots.Txt File

This file is what lets you choose which pages are “crawled” by search engines. Typically, you’ll want to adjust it so that search engines ignore pages like login pages, checkout pages, and other such utility-based pages.

3. Maintain A Good URL Structure For Your Website

Page URLs can be optimized for SEO, too. Your URLs should:

  • Use lowercase letters
  • Use hyphens “-” to separate individual words
  • Short, yet descriptive about the content
  • Free of unnecessary characters or words
  • Contain keywords when possible

These changes make your URLs easier to read and share, which can help SEO. For example, a webpage about a red cashmere sweater could be:

It should NOT be:

Stay consistent about your URL’s structure, follow our recommendations, and keep it short and sweet.

4. Use A Clean & Easy-To-Navigate Website Structure

The design of your website actually affects how search engine “crawlers” interpret it. So make sure the content, navigation, features, and other page elements are properly designed, laid out intuitively, and are user-friendly.

5. Don’t Forget Mobile Support

The majority of web traffic comes from mobile users – and if your site is not mobile-friendly, it will be dinged in search engine results and you won’t rank as highly, both on mobile and desktop. Make sure to invest in a responsive, fast, easy-to-use mobile website design.

Follow These Tips For Better Technical SEO

With the proper on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO steps, you can set yourself up for success. So think about how you can implement these tips now, and build a better website!

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